The Effect of mobile phones on health



Actually we don’t know that mobile phones have a negative impact.Ai?? It is not only the food and drinks that have side effects but also electronic tools that are mobile radiation. It is small but dangerous to our health. Below are the impacts of mobile phones :

Can make us stupid:
The radiation of mobile phones can make the brain becomes slow.Ai?? If we talk or communicate with friends, family, especially our closest friend usually will take long time in hours. This can make the brain to be slow. The first effect is the head so dizzy but more often it will make us get sick and slow down our brain.

Can reduce fertility hormone:
Communication using the mobile phone for too long can reduce the fertility hormone. Do not often save it in your pocket, this greatly affects the fertility.

Can affect the heart rhythm:
Do not often hang up our mobile phone in front of the chest as necklace, it is affecting our heart rhythm. It is due to radiation.