The effects of vitamin B6 on memory



According to new research, vitamin B6 can help us in remembering a dream on the next day. People usually have 4-6 times the dream overnight and is usually difficult to recall on the next day. Vitamin B6 is found in meats, grains, vegetables, beans and bananas.

A small study conducted in 2002 found a way to prove the theory. In a preliminary study, 12 students are given vitamins in different doses for 5 days. 4 participants are given 100 milligrams, the other 4 were given 250 milligrams, while the rest were given a placebo. The participants that eat vitamin B6 in doses much has deeper level in remembering dream that is determined by the clarity, color, emotion as quoted by Daily Mail.

It is estimated that this vitamin has this effect due to change of amino acids into serotonin that can wake the brain during sleep. However, too much vitamin B6 can make you won’t be able to sleep, because it can cause insomnia, heart palpitations, high blood pressure, cramps, and panic.

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