The source of germs around us

The source of germs around us

The source of germs around us

Is it true that your house is completely clean from germs? You’ll be surprised, that your home are still rampant of germs, even in a place that you think is safe. Below are 10 sources of germs that may you don’t aware :

1. towels

Do you share your towel with your family? Husband, or children may be? Stop it, maybe it shows the attention, affection and closeness among family members, but in fact you have made a mistake. Because towels are the source of germs that you should be aware.


Change and wash your bath towels every week, do not forget to soak them in a anti-bacterial solution. You may not like the smell, but this solution is much more important than the fabric softener solution.

2. Toothbrush

Toothbrush is probably the tool that helps you to clean dirt and germs inside your oral cavity. But if it is opened, it can be the source of germs.


– Always replace with a new toothbrush every 3 months

– Wash and soak the toothbrush with hot water every day

– Make sure you rinse the toothbrush thoroughly after you use it

3.Washing machine

Washing with hand with a cleaner better than washing in public laundry. Why? because the clothes you wear is a very good medium for growing bacteria. And in the public laundry, sometimes they are will combine your clothes with someone else clothes, you can imagine the germs that will move from another person to your suit.

For that, separate the baby clothes from your clothing. Babies often incorporate parts of his shirt into his mouth. Soak clothes with antiseptic after washing.

4. computer keyboard

Always wash your hands after the toilet/WC, but you also have to wash your hands after handling a computer keyboard all day. Be aware of your bad habits, because there are germs on the keyboard you, especially when you not using it.


– Clean the keyboard regularly and do not let dust and dirt stay on it

– Do not type while snacking, because germs can get into your mouth

5. carpet

Who says your carpets free of germs? In fact, in carpet many germs live and thrive.

For that you have to clean carpets frequently. Vacuum the carpet so dirt and dust do not live in it. Do not let the sandals or shoes outside the house stomp your carpet so that there is no migration from outside germs into your carpet.

6. shoes and sandals

These things is that most often accompany you outdoors. For that always wash sandals and shoes regularly, do not let the mud and dust and various dirty thing stick too long, because it could have contained the germs in it.

7. bed

You may change your clothes when you are going to sleep, but the bed does not mean you are free of germs. What about sweat or semen attached to the bed cover?

Wash bed cover and replace it every 2 weeks to minimize germs.

8. ketchup bottle, sauce bottle, salt bottle

Are you enjoying the food, you would not think long to grab a bottle of spices or sauce at the table. And guess, how many germs are there in the bottle? The exact number is unknown, but according to the researchers, the bacteria contained in the outer packaging bottles cause influenza and cough. 9. fridge

Fridge or freezer to store various foodstuffs, and this turned out germs thrive. Especially if you do not wash the fruit or vegetable and other materials before entering into the refrigerator.

For the first wash vegetables, fruit or meat you want to keep in the refrigerator, to minimize the germs that are still left in there.

10. bathtub

Are you enjoying soaking in the bathtub, aware that it would also be wary of germs that live in it. Clean the bathtub after use, do not leave pools of water discharged too long.