The trivial thing that can make you sick

The trivial thing that can make you sick

The trivial thing that can make you sick

There are at least five things you need to watch out, because you tend to forget these things :

1. Not washing hands after activities

Any activity, of course, involves you and an object. And this is where the bacteria move to jump into your arms. For example, just after urination, usually you will get a tissue, then quickly run away with your work, while you do not realize that germs are on your hands. Make sure you always wash your hands with soap after you perform activities, particularly those associated with the disposal of matters and impurities.

2. Tasting sample fruit in supermarket

How you can know and decide to buy oranges at the supermarket if it was just see it? Therefore, you decided to take a piece of fruit for sample to feel taste of fruit you want to buy.

And you know, that you’re holding the fruit was already held by more than one of hands of strangers? Where you do not know what germs have stuck to their hands.

Do you want to eat food that has been held by the hands of strangers? Of course not, right?

Remember always wary of germs that threaten as a result of hand-to-hand that touches the fruit. There are still other ways to know the tastes of fruit you want to buy.

3. Shut by hand when sneezing

When you sneeze you raise your hand and close your nose. This is a bad and dangerous habit. When it sneezes, the germs will come out through the saliva which is then attached to your hand.
Get used to using a tissue when you sneeze. Dispose of the tissue immediately and wash your hands with soap so that germs do not go back on your body. With this habit, you will avoid influenza germs.

4. Rubbing eyes due itchy

Sometimes dust seemed to make eyes itchy, do not rub.

Take eyedrops or eye compresses to the eyes. Do not rub, as this is very dangerous for your eyes. Besides can cause irritation, many bacteria also will move from hand to your eyes.

5. Playing with pets

Pets are very funny, you were very fond of them, as to be willing to share a bed with them. Your penchant for hugging and playing with pets does not hurt, but there is one thing you forget, you do not wash your hands after a day of playing with them.

Pets can not maintain the health and cleanliness himself. You must always wash hands with soap after playing with them. Many germs can be transmitted from pets although just holding and stroking their fur.