Tips for treating ground water for drinking



It is no doubt, water is indispensable for living creatures. Even though the water is said to be important to counteract the dehydration, but the wrong selection and processing of drinking water would cause a lot of problems for health. Well, the following information can be your guide in selecting and processing a healthy drinking water.

  • in general the use of groundwater is for consumption of drinking. Keep in mind that the quality of ground water of an area is different from other. The quality of the ground water is dependent on the level of soil depth, soil composition as well, and also the level of pollution in the area.
  • If you process it by yourself, it’s good to move water in clean container that is closed. It is intended to precipitate impurities that is carried away.
  • boil the water in the pot that is sealed.
  • make sure the water is cooked until boiling so that the bacteria inside it dies.
  • After being cooked, save the water in a sealed container bottle.

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