Tips on how to live longer

Nuts for live longer

Nuts for live longer

All people want to live long. The key is certainly very easy, which is a healthy life.
Nevertheless, there are some other things that can make one’s life much longer. Here’s the review as reported by Boldsky.

Avoiding red meat

Red meat is known as a major cause of heart attacks worldwide. However, only the red meat consumed too much that can threaten the health of your body.

Eating nuts

Nuts are very rich in antioxidants. Nuts can remove free radicals from the body and helps in cleansing the vital organs in the digestive system. They are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids that improve mental health.

Avoid eating too much

Overeating is a factor that can reduce your longevity. Obesity, which is caused by bad habits of overeating, is the main cause of 70 percent of the general health complications.


Meditation has the power to alter brain structure and also improve overall body health. Meditation, calming himself from worldly activities, every day can be an effective way to increase your life span.

Respect for human dignity

Last but not least is the respect for human life. This attitude is important in your social life and certainly will help you live a healthy life, live longer.

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