Tips on how to prevent from influenza

Tips on how to prevent from influenza

Tips on how to prevent from influenza

We can stay safe from influenza viruses as long as we pay attention to the following points :

Washing hands properly and regularly

Make sure you do not just wash your hands. Rub your hands with soap for at least 15 minutes to allow the soap to clean all the dirt and germs on the hands. Remember to scrub between fingers, where germs are usually attached. After that, dry your hands with a clean towel. If you are in a place that does not allow for washing hands, then bring hand sanitizer that now you can buy on the market.

Dispose of contaminated wipes

The flu virus is easily spread when someone sneezes. If a piece of new tissue is used to cover the mouth when coughing or nose blowing, then immediately remove it and wash hands. Continue to hold the tissue will only widen the opportunities spread of the virus.

Do not eat or drink in a single plate or glass with people who have the flu

Avoid the use of a towel with the same flu sufferers because through that, the virus could spread quickly.

Do not touch other areas before washing hands

Let’s say you wipe your child nose that slightly watery, then wash your hands before you touch your own face or body.

Keep Cleaning

The hygiene areas and items that are often used must be note, for example, office tabletops, doorknobs, toys, and others. Use bacteria-free cleaning fluid which has the ability to fight the viruses. You also can create their own cleaning fluid by mixing 50 ml bleach containing chlorine with a gallon of water.

Fresh air is also important for health

If the home, office, hotel, or car you used in a closed state, then once in a while you need to open the windows and doors widely to make air circulation in the room. In addition, cover your nose when you are in the pollution area, such as on the highway or the marketplace.

Stay away from the source of the virus

Other wise step is to stay away from the source of influenza. If there are colleagues who have the flu, so keep a distance with the person, but do not offend him.

Quality of sleep and eat

The last thing that is important is the quality of sleep and the food you eat. Enough sleep between 7-8 hours a day and eating healthy foods can make our body stay strong and healthy.

With a healthy lifestyle and clean as the points above, then you do not need to be afraid anymore with the flu, because you already provide a shield.