Tips on how to store medicine

Tips on how to store medicine

Tips on how to store medicine

A research conducted by the FDA some time ago showed that many drugs are still safe to remain in use despite the expiration date has passed. So, check out these 10 tips about drug safety as following :

Which can be stored, and which should be discarded

“In general, I would say that all oral medications are still safe to drink at least until a year or two years after the expiry date” said Sara Bingel, PharmD, a clinical pharmacist at Mount Sinai Hospital, New York City.

Some examples of drugs that can still be saved after the expiration date passed is aspirin, ibuprofen, allergies medicine, stomach medicine, and drug for fever, colds and flu.

As for the drug should be discarded immediately after expiration date is antibiotics, nitroglycerin (usually for chest pain), first aid medicines, liquid medications, and medications for children.

About expiry

Expiration time for a drug actually affects the level of efficacy and not safety for consumers. “The most important thing is to know how many levels of the drug that your body needs,” said Michael J. Negrete, PharmD, CEO of the California Medical Foundation.

“Let’s say it takes a year for drugs to efficacy decreased to 95%, but no one can be sure whether the quality is still in the stage of 93% or even has declined further to 33%, after the past 6 months”

“There is no data that can confirm it. Why? Because the drug manufacturers did not want to tests to find out about the decline in the quality of drugs,” said Paul Langevin, MD, chief cardiologist at Waterbury Hospital in Connecticut.

“Therefore, in essence, if you are not comfortable to keep expired drugs, then just watch on its expiration date,” added Paul.

store solid drug, waste liquid

Jelly capsules and liquid drug loses its efficacy quality faster than pills or dense capsules, and the bad news, liquid medications are also more at risk of bacterial contamination. Therefore, pay attention to expiration dates for liquid drugs.

Keep the quality of drug by storing

Giving the actual expiry dates are based on the assumption that the bottle is stored in a state seal, and in temperatures cool, dry, and away from the sun.

Therefore, a smart way to save also decide whether the drug is still worth to be kept or not.

For example, medicine that still sealed and stored in the right place will keep the potent of drug for many years even after the expiry of expiry.

Conversely, drugs that often put in the box or place with cold temperatures as in the bathroom, is a bad.

Dispose expired antibiotics

“I advise patients to stay away from antibiotics that have passed the expiration date,” Bingel said. “The drug will not kill a disease in the body, but can cause new infections.”

“Even worse on some brands of antibiotics that could potentially be toxic if taken after the expiration date.”

Find out how the drug was initially created

It could be from pharmacists who dispense pills from their storage, then re-package it and put the new expiry date on the the new package.

It is difficult to ascertain the origin, but the drugs often be moved by pharmacists have a greater potential loss of efficacy due to contamination that occurs when the safe is opened.

Think this as one of the factors to consider which drug should be kept and which ones should not.

Note the changes arising

If a pill crushed in your hand, then it is best not to eat them. However, there are other clues as well that you should be aware, such as the smell of the drug. Example, aspirin that is expired, will turn into a sour smell like vinegar.

“Be wary of any change of the drug you will drink,” said Negrete. Color fastness or strange odor may be an indication that the drug may have rotted.

Dispose of drugs kids

“Because children are smaller and their metabolic system has not fully developed, then it is better not to risk their health by taking expired medications,” said Dr. Langevin. “Plus that there are so many drugs for children that are made in liquid form to facilitate the child drink. Liquid medicine is more easily contaminated and could become a hotbed of bacteria.”

Routinely check the contents of your medicine cabinet

American Medical Association recommends that you double-check the medicine cabinet at least once a year. “Maybe you will move the pills into a smaller bottle, but do not, let these drugs remain in the original bottle,” said Negrete. In addition, remove the cotton from the bottle because its presence accelerates the decay