Want to quickly get pregnant?? Drink tea



If you want to immediately get baby, try to drink tea regularly. Why? Carter’s research indicates, drinking two cups of green tea a day can help increase the chances of a woman to get pregnant.

Research held by Denmark scientists indicated that women who regularly drink green tea has a 27 percent greater chance to get pregnant than those who did not drink tea. In his research, the researchers also found that the consumption of sparkling beverage each day will reduce the chance of pregnancy.

Women who consume soft drink at least two times a day will get the chance to get pregnant reduced by 20 percent. Meanwhile, coffee consumption has absolutely no influence on the chances of a woman to get the child.

In his research, researchers involving 3600 women at average age of 25 years from Denmark who was trying to have a baby. Each volunteer were monitored for one year. Professor Elizabeth Hatch, leader of the research from the University of Boston, United States, with her team want to see if caffeine intake has an effect on the opportunities for women to have a baby.

“We found that women who drank tea two or three times a day had opportunities to increase pregnant to 27 percent. But, we don’t know how the way they make the tea. Are they adding milk or lemon, but for sure they have increased the chance to get pregnant than women who did not drink tea at all” said Prof. Hatch.

“I think drink 2 or 3 cups of tea every day to anyone who wants to get pregnant is not a problem. I was intrigued to say that tea is a miracle drug for pregnant, but that is not realistic. There may be other factors that influence it,” she added.

Meanwhile, Maha Ragunath, consultant in reproductive medicine Care of Fertility Center, Nottingham, say, tea has special properties that can help fertility. “Tea contains many antioxidants for male and female fertility. However, it does not mean the woman who was trying to have a child should drink tea much”.

Laurence Shaw, Associate Director of Bridge Fertility Center, London, recommends to the women who want to get pregnant to keep consulting with physicians and limit the consumption of tea. “I would say to every woman aged over 35 years who are trying to get pregnant in order to get proper advice and don’t drink ten cups of tea a day” he said.

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