Watch and carefull with following symtoms

Watch and carefull with following symtoms

Watch and carefull with following symtoms

Do not underestimate the pain that you feel, always be aware of the symptoms that you are experiencing in your daily life, such as below :


Head throbbing, migraine and seemed struck with a hammer often experienced by women. Whether because of PMS, too long in the sun, or appear suddenly.
Do not dismiss this pain, especially if your headaches often appear suddenly with a frequency that can be fairly often. Check the your condition to doctor, and make sure you inhale enough oxygen.


The pain in teeth make you unable to sleep, loss of appetite, restless anxiety, and even make you cry. Do not let this pain continues. And make sure you do not carelessly take medication in home. Drink warm water to decrease the pain and see a doctor if the pain is still felt.

Pierced by a sharp object

When your skin is injured, scratched or cut by sharp objects, do not ignore the wound. Make sure the wound in sterile conditions, take alcohol or compress with disinfectant, especially if object that piercing or slashing is rusty.
Nasty germs or bacteria that is in a wrenching thing could have been dangerous, and make infections. Therefore the first aid you should do is sterilize wounds, cleanse and stop the blood from the wound.

Blisters or sores rubbed

Whether because of the high heels you wear, corsets that make your stomach look slimmer or other accessories that can cause sores on your body. Just do not let the wound. Remember, your skin is open and the viruses or bacteria can easily get into your body. You need to make the cuts and immediately cover with a sterile bandage or plaster. Always make sure the wound is dry and do not let it wet.

Gas in the stomach

If there is gas in your stomach that would not go out in a few days, you should immediately take to a doctor. The cervical cancer could be threatening you. Maybe it sounded too exaggerated, but it is better to stay alert and avoid deadly disease.

Pain in your back and shoulders

Fatigue due to work could cause pain in your shoulders and back, but if it happens more than 3 days, so it is better to go to your doctor. Ask your doctor to check your spine, if there is something wrong with your bones, Or maybe there is injury muscles.

Pain in your leg in long time

Muscle could be wrong, or there is a blockage in your blood vessels. Warming up in the morning before doing any activity generally very helpful. However, if the heating is carried out and still sore, make sure your doctor check it out.