Watch your shampoo

In addition to diligently wash the hair, put on natural ingredients, and cream bath, one way to love your hair and scalp is to pay attention to the content of the shampoo that you use. Not many of us are looking at whether the products we use are safe or not.

Most of us choose shampoo products offered by TV commercials. Famous name of a product, an artist who starred in the ad, until its price might make us be persuaded that the quality of the product is definitely too nice and safe.

Watch your shampoo

Watch your shampoo

However, according to what is revealed by Don Colbert, MD In his book “WHAT YOU DO NOT KNOW MAY BE KILLING YOU!”, we must be careful in choosing a shampoo that we use.

Don says that our scalp is an organ that is able to absorb the chemical. What we apply on the skin will end up in our body. If you do not believe, try to rub raw garlic on the soles of your feet. Within a few minutes, you will feel it in your mouth.

Therefore, it is important for us to ensure that our shampoos do not contain harmful substances such as sodium lauryl sulfate and DEA.

Instead use the most mild shampoo and high quality. Look for brands that contain cleansers such as:

  • Amphoteric (-2, -6, and -20)
  • Cocamide derivatives
  • Lauramide (diethanolamide or monoethanolamide)
  • Polysorbat (20 or 40)
  • Lauraminopropionate sodium, sorbitan derivatives
  • Stearamide derivatives