What is Bad Habits That Can Damage Brain

What is Bad Habits That Can Damage Brain

What is Bad Habits That Can Damage Brain

The brain is the control center of human. If any part of the brain is troubled, then arguably all existence and all the activities will get problem. Therefore, it is not an exaggeration if we must care our brains.
How to? It’s easy, one of the ways is just avoid these following 10 bad habits :

Do not want breakfast

Do not eat anything in the morning led to a decline in blood sugar levels. This resulted in a lack of input of nutrients to the brain which eventually ended in the brain deterioration. Best breakfast in the morning is not a heavy food like fried rice, but enough water and a glass of fresh fruit juice. It is Concise and useful to the body.

Eat excessively

Too much food can harden the vessels of the brain that usually leads to the decline of mental power.


The human brain can gradually shrink and eventually loses its functions because of smoking.

Too much sugar

Too much sugar will interrupt the absorption of proteins and nutrients, so the body’s nutritional deficiencies and brain development impaired. Therefore, reduce the consumption of your favorite sweets.

Air pollution

The brain needs oxygen. Too long in the polluted environment makes the brain works inefficiently.

Lack of sleep

Sleep gives the brain a chance to rest. Negligent sleep makes brain cells to exhausted. Most sleep can also make you a slacker. Regularly slept 6-8 hours a day to make the brain healthy and fit.

Covering the head while sleeping

Sleeping with the head covered is very dangerous because of the carbon dioxide produced during sleep is concentrated, so the brain polluted. If it is continued over time, it become damaged.

Think too hard when get sick

Working hard or studying when the condition of the body is not fit also exacerbates the ineffectiveness of the brain.

Less brain stimulation

Less think would make the brain shrink and eventually not function optimally. Used to reading, listening to music, and playing (chess, scrabble, etc) can make your brain used to think actively and creatively.

Rarely speaks

Intellectual conversation brings a good effect on the brain. So, do not be too proud to be quiet. Chat quality is very good for your health.