What is kind of healthy and safe seafood

What is kind of healthy and safe seafood

What is kind of healthy and safe seafood

If we talk about the seafood, there will be three big things that prevent us from enjoying this healthy food. What is it, and how to solve that? Please read the entire post below :

The first is allergy that can not be avoided, because not all people can enjoy food from the sea. The second, we think about how the food was taken, the sea conditions have been contaminated, and of course the third, cholesterol.

Cholesterol content in some foodstuffs seafood turned out very high, and enough to make people think twice about enjoying food from the sea. But among many seafood which may give unpleasant effects, there are some that really can be enjoyed safely, because some kind of food from the sea as listed below amazingly healthy, they are full of minerals and omega-3 fatty acids that can greatly assist our health, as below :


This fish is one of the foods that are rich with nutrients. Contains lots of omega-3 fatty acids, which according to the American Heart Association will help regulate and lower blood cholesterol and improve blood health. Sardines are also good food for the brain, omega-3 will help to improve brain function and memory.

This healthy food is one of the fish that can be eaten whole, so that will provide calcium, iron, and vitamin D that is good for bone. Sardines also contain co-enzyme Q10 (CoQ10), which helps improve circulatory health and physical energy. The mercury and pesticides or other harmful chemicals in this fish is very small, because of its small body size and age they are not too high, then the fish is just a little to absorb harmful substances.

If you choose the type of sardines in a can, try to select the type of sardines in tomato sauce and avoid the type of oil.


This small fish secretly contains a lot of incredible nutrients. This fish is the best source of omega-3 fatty acids (double the content of omega-3 fatty acids in salmon) and Mackerel is a source of selenium (which helps the immune system).

Selenium work together with proteins in the body to form enzymes and antioxidants that can protect the body from the effects of mercury. Flavor of the fish also makes it very easy to be cooked in various ways, either in grilled or even to cut raw as sashimi. Try to choose a small fish Mackerel. The bigger fish, the higher the possibility of contaminated with mercury.


Tilapia is a fish which is easily available everywhere, while the taste and the price is also good. Moreover, this fish is very healthy. They are grow very quickly and little, so not too much absorb mercury.

The amount of cholesterol is low, as well as sodium and saturated fat content. Tilapia also contain omega-3 fatty acids that are good for heart health, blood circulation and blood pressure, as well as mental and brain development. If possible, select a tilapia fish from the wild, and not from fish farms.


If you’ve heard of ‘fish and chips menu’, It almost certainly the fish used is the haddock fish. The fish was very popular with magnesium, vitamin B6 and niacin that are very high. This fish also contains phosphorus which is a major component of bones and teeth. In addition, phosphorus will also assist in the body’s energy supply, so the phosphorus will be found in the bones, nerves.

Phosphorus also helps the body to use the fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin A, D, E and K. In other words, the haddock fish is a substitute for beef that is much cheaper, but is able to provide nearly the same protein as beef.

In comparison, the same amount, 200 grams of beef contains 18% protein, and 80 calories, while the haddock fish meat has the same amount of protein, with far fewer calories. For these fish, try to cook in a low-fat way such as baked, not fried.


You know the food is definitely one of the main components in the maki sushi (sushi wrapped). Seaweed is rich in vitamin C, zinc and iodine. Red Dulse seaweed, which are found in the North Atlantic Ocean, can provide 100% of vitamin B6, iron and fluoride are needed by the body and teeth strong.

The calcium for healthy bones, can be found in abundant quantities in the seaweed. You probably would not think that a protein present in the seaweed is very high. Complex carbohydrates stands at 40% of the total weight of seaweed, this means that you will get a quick energy but with a low glycemic index number. You also will be relatively longer satisfied because seaweed because its high fiber content, so it is good for digestion and diet.