What is pap smear…

What is pap smear

What is pap smear

Not many women really know how to prevent cervix cancer. It is the pap smear, let’s find out more!

According to what has been reported by Womenshealth-About, Pap smear is a kind of test that is done to determine the state of the cells in the cervix (neck womb). This test was invented by Dr. Geroge Papanicolaou about 40 years ago. This test that will help examine the woman’s body.

The advantage

Pap smear is the only way to detect these cancers arise in the area of ​​your cervix. Although the results are not 100% accurate, but with pap smear, it will be faster to know whether there are cancer cells in your cervix. You can read more about how to prevent cervical cancer from How To Prevent Cervical Cancer

What happens when you do a Pap Smear?

You are asked to lie down with both legs and your knees stretched out. Then a tool would be inserted into the vagina, some specific tools like special stick and brush will help take the sample cell. Then the cells are examined and analyzed. If you want to know when you should do pap smear you can read from When pap smears should be done regularly

The Results

If the cells showed normal conditions, then you may be relieved for a while. However, if the results are abnormal, immediately consult with your personal physician. Pap smears should be done every three or six months. That way you will reduce the risk of death by cervical cancer.

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