What is the benefits of date

What is the benefits of date

What is the benefits of date

Date contain many substances that are important for the body. This is corroborated by the results of the study. One of them came from nutritionist of Institut Pertanian Bogor Hardisyah.

Hardisyah reveal the content of dates is varies . Such as potassium. It has many benefits if consumed regularly. “By eating five fruit and dates, the one day potassium needs are met,” he said.

Potassium is useful to suppress normal blood pressure. Even if high blood can be controlled either by eating dates. In addition, the date palm has a base that can prevent ulcers.

On the other hand date is very useful for women who give birth. Because one of the oxytocin hormone-like substances that can expedite the delivery process and increase milk production. In fact, oxytocin can also function for speeding recovery after birth.

Another benefit of dates is able to activate the muscles and increase sexual stamina of men and women in the marital relationship.

Eating dates can increase the platelets and red blood cells quickly. Even the palm juice can make hemoglobin to normal. “When sick, it is better to consume dates in juice form. Glucose in dates can recover stamina,” she said.

For that, someone recommended eating dates after 12-13 hours of fasting, because it is easily soluble and digestible, moreover can reduce the acidity in the stomach.

Other content in dates is to improve nerve function, reduce coronary heart disease, stroke, and has a hormone that accelerates wound healing so it does not become like hives or scabies.

Hardisyah also provides recipes for people who suffer from a lack of platelets. “To improve the DHF patients needed platelets Dates 500 grams (1/2 kg) that blended with five cups of water (1 liter), taken every hour and check to the doctor whether the platelets increase or not,” he said.