What is the Food that Heal Cigarette Addiction

What is the Food that Heal Cigarette Addiction

What is the Food that Heal Cigarette Addiction

Smoking has become a lifestyle for most people. It is said that there is pleasure in every breath and blowing the smoke. Slowly the pleasure of smoking was also adapted as necessary by some people, including women. Along the progress of time, even when the cigarette with mild shades created to meet the needs and lifestyle of women. And really, these types of cigarettes sold on the market, especially bundled with a sweet and beautiful package.

However, sometimes we got bored when smoked. And finally we intend to stop. Unfortunately, our efforts do not succeed. There is good news for you who want to quit smoking. Duke University, a university in Durham, the United States made a research on the smoker. Then generated from these studies that there are four menu of food that can help smokers recover from addiction. These foods are :

1. Fruits

Those who are addicted to cigarettes are generally deficient in vitamin C, this is because the nicotine content in the blood. Nicotine affects the body’s metabolism which causes our bodies can not store vitamin C as well.

Fruits that have sources of vitamin C are very good, and to quit smoking, you should eat lots of fruits rich in vitamin C, so that nicotine in the blood are repelled and replaced with vitamin C.

Fruits such as orange, lemon, berries, is a fruit that is rich in vitamin C. Increase your consumption of these fruits will expel the nicotine out of the body.

2. Vegetable

Green vegetables, like broccoli, is good for the heart and lungs. Anti-cancer substances protect the heart and your lungs from cigarette smoke toxins in the body. Substances in broccoli will reduce the toxic effects of nicotine that are slowly spreading in your body.

Other vegetables such as celery, eggplant, beans and cucumbers are also very good for cigarette addicts. By eating vegetables regularly, substances in the vegetables gradually reduce dependence on nicotine.

3. Assorted Milk Products

Milk is very good to support the addiction recovery program. It can affect the taste of cigarettes, making it taste bitter and unpleasant. The bad taste will make smokers consume cigarettes slowly deterrent. Consume milk twice a day, so you realize you smoke cigarettes slowly diminishing.

4. Drink non-carbon

Stay away from soft drinks and drink more mineral water or fruit juice. Nutrient content in fruit juice will help cleanse toxins nicotine in the body. While soft drinks, or coffee actually make your body more thirsty on nicotine.