What is the habits cause plaque

What is the habits cause plaque

What is the habits cause plaque

Plaque on your teeth is not coral, but bacteria and dirt which is attached and live in the oral cavity in your tooth. This plaque was originally yellow, then if left longer, it will be hardened and blackened, until like a rock or reef forming tartar and can not be eliminated simply by brushing your teeth.

What is the cause of plaque? You probably never realized that some of the bad habits brings negative effects to the teeth as below :

Not Brushing teeth regularly

Indeed, not all people are aware that they have brushed the teeth or not yet. Plaque is the result of bad habits on brushing teeth, as has been said before, brushing your teeth will not help remove plaque. But with regular activity performed at least twice a day, at least the plaque would not be comfortable staying.

Forget the rinsing with mouthwash

It feels really spicy and sometimes stinging, but that’s what makes the plaque stay between your teeth. For it after brushing your teeth, you should be approximately 2-3 minutes rinse with mouthwash.

Besides having fresh breath, all the dirt that is not affordable by toothbrush will be removed and your teeth stay clean and healthy.

Lazy to the dentist

You should visiting the dentist at least 6-12 months once. Well maybe because of busyness, then it is forgotten and regarded as trivial and unimportant activities. Actually went to the dentist will provide more benefits for us. Especially if you have sensitive teeth. Try to talk to your dentist, and do not be shy to ask the experts.

Chocolate and candy

Chocolate and candy is sweet foods that could not be rejected by the women, but enjoy the chocolate and candy will feeding on the bacteria in the mouth so that they are fatter. Especially if you do not brush your teeth and go to sleep, the bacteria would be stay in your mouth.

Forget the fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are foods that are rich in vitamins. But in addition to the nutrients contained, their rough texture can be a natural toothbrush that can be eaten and enjoyed by the delicacy of your tongue.


Always brush your teeth at least twice a day and end with a mouthwash so that dirt and bacteria in the mouth does not stay in there.