What is the some mistakes in our diet

What is some mistakes in our diet program

What is some mistakes in our diet program

Diet is very helpful to lose weight, if it is done properly. But if you are not careful the result can be so messy. The following are seven things that can make diet messy :

Not eat anything

DO you want to be thin instantly without eating any food. It can not! Why? because your body needs the nutrients from the food you eat every day. The different conditions by fasting, abstinence of food and set up at the appointed time. So forget your diet with no food that will actually make you sick. Try setting the intake of nutrients that enter your body and keep exercising.

Excessive exercise

If you normally do exercise for 60 minutes, then you do it continuously for 2 hours or more. Does this make your body weight and your stomach instantly dropped small?

Not! you do overload exercise. And the result is not even good for your body. In addition to fatigue, there is the possibility of injury to the abdominal muscles that you can not avoid because the muscles still need the sufficient rest.

Just do regular exercise in ample portions. If you do not understand you can ask the instructor to fit for your portion.

Eating in a very minimal portion, or even a lot and excess in one time meal

Expect to eat a little just so you can keep your body shape. It makes sense really, it’s just a little really does not mean a little, and eventually the nutrients you need is not fulfilled. There was no side dishes, no protein, and no milk, it is not healthy. Complete your diet, adequate nutrition and limit your intake of fat.

Or eat the lot portion only once a day. Hope you can still save, which is important to eat once, and so that your stomach stays slim. Can it? of course not! Eat right and in regular portions. Arrange your diet in order not to get too much fat in the body.

Believe in all the words of the book and about diet

Books or experts may be used as a reference to assist the course of your diet program. But that does not mean you need to do all the words. Especially if you have to drink vegetable juice that you do not like the smell. Just follow the diet rhythm and adjust to the needs of your body. Indeed vegetables are important, but many of the vegetables can be an alternative as you like without having to force you to eat foods that you hate.

Taking too many supplements

Supplements are very important to help the diet, for that all the supplements you buy and you drink. Wait, do not do it. This action even endanger your life. However it is best to supplement from nature, not merely chemical.

Chemicals not guarantee no side effects. So, you must be more cautious and careful choosing of chemical supplements.

Considering weight every day

Anxious if at any time your weight go up after eating a menu, then weighed as much as possible is not a wise action. Your weight may go up and down and change in a day. If you currently weigh and get 40 while after an hour get 41, it will actually make you paranoid and do not want to eat anything.

You should monitor your weight, but not every second of every time. Make a small note with a frequency of at least seven days short. And every week you will record your weight fluctuations. Thus it would be easier to regulate your weight.