When pap smears should be done regularly?



As long as the women who are already married and sexually active always be warned to do a pap smear test every year. However, different stories coming from the u.s.

On the recommendation of the Agency related to the US Health Department reveals women aged 21-29 years old need only pap smears every three years. While those under 21 years of age just do not need pap smears at all. While healthy women aged 30-65 years need only pap smears every five years if combined with the HPV test to find out the possibility of cervical cancer.

This guide is in line with the recommendations of the American Cancer Society and the American Society of Clinical Pathology which recommend a pap smear done every three years.

They also said that each test every three years precisely same to prevent the possibility of cancer is test every year. While the tests each year brings negative side effects such as the possibility of false positive results, unnecessary biopsy that presents the risk of infection, pregnancy complications, and infertility as well as unnecessary stress.

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