How to Fighting Depression Naturally

how to fight deprecy

how to fight deprecy

Depression can heal itself. It even this has also been proven by a study.

Depression is associated with changes in the amount of serotonin and other connective nerve. They are responsible for organizing a feeling of calm. The fall in the level of serotonin and others, it can interfere with mental response.

Treatment of depression with antidepressants has been more controversy. Therefore, you should try to learn to cope with depression alone. Here are a variety of ways to reduce depression, as reported from Wholeliving.

Healthy food

Good medicine for our body is food. Choose foods that contain omega-3. Seafood such as salmon and sardines. Eating foods three times a week is good for adding DHA and EPA for your brain.


Sleep is good therapy for the rest of the body functions much work, when we are active.


Sport serves to reactivate the function of our body that has long rested and speed up metabolism.

Morning sunlight

Morning sunlight it also has many benefits for our bodies. Out in the morning to get sunlight in the morning, about 15 to 30 minutes, good for activating hormones are good for the body and lower levels of depression.


Learning to learn new skills, such as handicrafts, in addition to improving creativity, but also can train the brain. Doing creative work that can train and activate parts of the brain that is not long trained. Occupy themselves with activities that train the brain can avoid the appearance of depression.


Yoga is proven to reduce the risks that can lead to depression. Trained subjects were obtained when the serenity of yoga can form a body of work in order to control the depression, especially when done on a regular basis.

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