Fruit berry can delay memory decline



In the age elderly, it is reasonableness our ability to memorize is reduced. But it will be different if we routinely consume fruits such as strawberries or blueberries.

It was the conclusion of a study by researchers from the Bringham and women Hospital in the United States recently. The research team used data from the Nurses Health Study involving 121.700 women between the ages of 30 and 55 years who completed the questionnaire on health and lifestyle beginning in 1976.

Elizabeth Devore, a researcher at the laboratory of Channing at BWH, as quoted from the site Zeenews, said the volunteers who consume two servings or more strawberries and blueberries each week, get delay in reducing the level of ability of memory.

Greater intake of flavonoids and antosianidin are also associated with the reduction in the total decline in memory. The researchers observed, that women who have a high intake of berries get delay in reducing the level of ability of memory in 2.5 years.

“Our findings have significant implications on public health as increasing intake of berry is a modification of diet that quite simple to reduce the decline in memory for old man” said Devore.

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