Soybeans, lower risk of high blood pressure



There have been many studies reveal that a soy milk is very beneficial to health. One of them is lowering high blood pressure.

The conclusions were obtained from a study presented in major US Cardiology Conference. Studies conducted involving 46 people randomly with a condition of pra-hypertension.

From studies it is known that the consumption of soy beans every day, such as tofu, beans and green tea can helps to reduce blood pressure in more than 5,100 American aged 18-30 years old. These studies were started in 1985 that based on the report on food consumed by participants.

Those who consume as much as 2.5 milligrams or more isoflavones –an element in the nuts– a day has a very low systolic blood pressure, — it is on average 5.5 mmHg lower– compared with those who consume less than 0.33 milligrams per day. A glass soy bean milks contain as many as 33 milligrams of isoflavones, or nearly 10 times more than the amount required.

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