The Benefits of Orange at Breakfast



ORANGE and the lemon is not just a refreshing fruit. Moreover, the fruit with the Latin name “Citrus sinensis” has a variety of health benefits.

Besides it rich in vitamin C, it is also believed to be an important source for the body because of it’s antioxidant content. Oranges also have lots of fiber, especially pectin, a soluble fiber, which helps lower cholesterol.

Among other benefits, oranges are a source of folate and potassium, a small amount of magnesium, calcium, and other good nutrients. One orange that has a lot of water content may also contain phytochemicals, including karetenoid and limonoids.

In addition as lowering blood cholesterol levels, flavonoids such as hesperetin, naringin, tangeritin in oranges act as antioxidant, inflammatory, even as an anticancer.

The researchers added, drink a glass of orange juice at breakfast is a good first step to start the day. It is not only make refresh, but also for healthy. If you want to know how to use orange or lime as herbal medicine, check out healthy-tips-with-lime